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VSA Tennessee provides opportunities for young people with disabilities to participate in and express themselves through the arts and arts education.


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Teapot Diplomat workshops are now open for registration.  These are all free of charge, but open to the first 10 registrants.

You do not have to be a current Teapot Diplomat to participate.  However, if you participate in several of the projects, you may be invited to become a Teapot Diplomat.  More information will be given to you at your first session.

Monday, Sept. 25, Dee Kimbrell, Smashing Art, 6-8pm at the Sumner Teen Center

This is no ordinary tea party!  We will break teacups and teapots with hammers and then reassemble them in a mosaic style on canvas.  It will be a SMASHING good time!


Saturday, Sept 30, Kathy Plourde, Collage 10-12

Using various types of tea bags, participants will create collage pieces resembling teapots.


Saturday, Nov 18, Betty Turney-Turner, Glass 10-12

Make glass coasters with teacup and teapot designs embedded into them.


Saturday, Jan. 6, Clay Lady (Danielle McDaniel) 10am-noon at the Clay Lady Studios

Creation of Japanese Yonomi cups and a tour of the studios.


Saturday, Jan. 13, Yvette Cowden, Ink & Tea 10-12 at the artist’s studio

“Japanese ink painting preceded by drinking tea then using some of that tea to stain the paper. Participants will choose words such as “Thank You” , ” Peace” , “Love” to paint on the front of blank note cards. They can choose different tea flavors such as Jasmine (light green) or Coconut Hibiscus ( light cranberry red) that will add color to the notecards.”


Saturday, April 7, Betty Turney-Turner, Glass 10-12

Make glass coasters with teacup and teapot designs embedded into them.


Contact VSA TN today to sign up for any and all workshops that are of interest to you at userk7706@comcast.net.


This program is funded by Niki and Mark Antonini.

Here is a link that explains the program Teapot Diplomat Induction Ceremony

VSA TN Prepares for Storytelling Event

On Thursday Oct. 12, Estelle Condra, Cynthia Watkins and I will present a storytelling event at the Country Music Association Multipurpose Room located at 35 Music Square East in Nashville at 7pm. Tickets for the event are $10 and can be purchased by contacting userk7706@comcast.net. Proceeds will benefit VSA Tennessee.   I am going to provide some background on each of the 3 storytellers starting with myself, since I am certainly only the opening act. My final background story will feature our main performer, internationally renowned storyteller, Estelle Condra. My love for storytelling began at the bedside of my great grandma. This woman was able to spin a yarn on any conceivable topic, which kept me entertained for hours. She also told family stories that included those of her father who was a Civil War Veteran. My historical perspectives were much more influenced by family oral tradition than any classroom lecture. As I entered school, my love for storytelling was expanded. A library was a luxury that our small Lutheran school could not afford, but just two block away from the school stood the imposing Victorian Gothic Willard library with a grand wooden staircase that descended into an underground room where our class would huddle in great expectation for story time. Those expectations were more than met by children’s librarian, Miss Margaret. She bewitched me forever with her very first story as her voice boomed out “Wiley and the Harry Man”. Each week, I could not wait to enter that sacred area to be enchanted by the next magical gem she was about to share with us. I vividly... read more

Celebrate National Comic Book Day With Us

Join us for National Comic Book Day on Monday, Sept. 25 at Middle Tennessee State University from 2:30-3:30.  Learn to draw cartoon characters under the artistic direction of Whitney Wilkerson.  The workshop is free, but preregistration is required as space is... read more

Come Out For A Smashing Time

Come smash some teapots with us!  We are going to smash them apart and then reassemble them into art portraits. You are invited to come out and join in the fun on Monday, Sept. 25 from 6-8pm at the Sumner Teen Center.  The workshop is free of charge and part of the Teapot Diplomat Program.  However, space is limited and registration is required. This program is in partnership with the Sumner Teen Center and under the artistic direction of Dee Kimbrell.  Funding is provided by Mark and Niki Antonini. To register, contact VSA Tennessee at... read more

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