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Borderless Arts Tennessee provides opportunities for young people with disabilities to participate in and express themselves through the arts and arts education.


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On Thursday, Nov. 30 from 6pm-8pm Borderless Arts Tennessee (formerly VSA TN) will partner with Sumner County Tourism to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Since 1992, the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) has been celebrated around the world.  The activities that will take place in Gallatin will be showcased by the United Nations across the globe.


The evening will be filled with a variety of activities including performances by Drew Basham (Young Soloist),  Sign Club Choir, Project 22 choir, Dulcimer Choir, and the Movement Connection dance program.  There will also be art on display that has been made in partnership by art students at Beech High School and students with disabilities at Rutherford Academy.  Some of the art will be part of an international exchange with students with disabilities in South Africa.


Special presentations will be made to Sumner County Tourism as part of the Borderless Arts TN Corporate Art program.  Also, presentations will be made to partners of the Memorial Park Mosaic Wall project.


The evening is free and open to the public at 2310 Nashville Pike Gallatin, TN 37066.










Oh What a Night

One of the goals of Borderless Arts Tennessee is to provide our artists with disabilities the opportunity to collaborate and learn from the best. Our hope is that then those skills can be used for a benefit to the individual and the community. The event on Sunday was certainly an accomplishment of that goal. Over a year ago, Borderless Arts TN was asked by the Frist to be one of several partners involved in some workshops leading up to an exhibit featuring Nick Cave. As the Director of Borderless Arts, I interjected an idea. The idea was to have some of our visual artists in the Teapot Diplomat program make costumes in a Nick Cave style that could be worn by our Movement Connection Dancers in a performance. The idea then grew that possibly our Young Soloists could perform the music to which the dancers would perform. However, the dream continued to grow and the thought became that possibly the Nashville Ballet could provide the dance instruction and the Nashville Symphony could train our Young Soloists. Special thanks to: Dee Kimbrell who worked with Teapot Diplomats Torie Summers, Hope McKee and Austin King to make these AMAZING costumes in the Nick Cave style. Kristen Freeman of the Nashville Symphony who worked with Young Soloists Allie Hemmings, Sarah Franklin, Drew Basham and Gregory Price Stallings to create the music that accompanied the dancers wearing the costumes. Shabaz Chijioke Ujima of the Nashville Ballet and Movement Connection artistic Director Danielle Clement who worked with the Movement Connection on the dance elements. Of course everyone at the Frist Center for the Visual... read more

Residencies under John F Kennedy for the Performing Arts Contract

Borderless Arts Tennessee is honored to have been provided a contract from the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to provide residencies in schools in which the arts are being used to teach science concepts related to water. The photos above come from a residencies that was recently completed by artist Dee Kimbrell at Station Camp Middle School in Hendersonville. The class read “A Long Walk to Water”, a book about a Sudanese girl who walks two hours each way to fetch water from a well. The students wrote down some questions that they video taped and sent to a sister school in Capetown, South Africa. The students from Africa responded with their own video taped answers. In addition, Mike Tomlinson of Kangen Water Wellness in Hendersonvile who sells alkaline water, demonstrated the acidity of beverages to the children. The students created a giant water drop out of recycled plastic bottle tops. The art is currently on display at the school. It will eventually go to Kangen Water Wellness and be displayed their for customers to view. In addition, a residency was also conducted by Bailey Earith at Alcoa High School in East TN. In this residency, the students researched animals that live in the ocean. The students then created sculptures based on their research and gave presentations on the animal they selected using their... read more

Ambassadors Select Officers

The Ambassadors Student Organization at MTSU saw the end to another great semester. Outgoing President, Gabby Johnson, was recognized for her contributions. She is graduating in December. Janie Kullmar was recognized as Ambassador of the Year and Kamal Adhikari was recognized as New Ambassador of the Year. Meagan Roberts won the Valeda Goodman Education Award. New officers are: Janie Kullmar, President; Isabella Orozco, Vice President; Kamal Adhikari, Secretary and Shelby Marx, Treasurer.   Treasurer Shelby Marx, Secretary Kamal Adhikari, President Janie Kullmar, and Vice-President Isabella... read more

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